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Chalet Host Job in Morzine Winter 2022/23

Chalet Host

As the welcoming face of our properties, you will play a crucial role in how our visitors enjoy their stay and how they view our family-run company. The crucial elements are genuine excitement, warmth, and a passion for customer satisfaction.

We would be interested in hearing from you if you think this position will fit your personality and previous experience in customer-facing roles.

The full Chalet Host job description is also available to download as a PDF.

Introduction To The Role

Following a full week of training, you will be in charge of looking after the guests.

You will be in charge of providing meals for the guests each day (breakfast and dinner). The more difficult components (such as main courses and desserts) will be made in a separate kitchen, and you will cook or reheat them, combine them with the other components, and serve.

You'll be in charge of the property's upkeep and cleanliness as well. Please be aware that extensive cleaning will be required.

Throughout the ski season, your work week will vary. On average, you should expect to work 40 hours per week.

The agreement will be in effect from December 1, 2022, until April 16, 2023. The roster will be set up before the start of the season, and if there are any changes, you will be informed during the weekly team meeting or as soon as possible by your manager (for example somebody is sick, and you need to replace them).

There will be one or two busy days per week, during the guest change over days, where you'll work longer hours than usual. During the ski season, some weeks will be busier than others:

  • General training, as well as property setup, will take place over the first 2 weeks
  • Christmas week and New Years' week will be very busy
  • January will be quieter, and your ski time will increase
  • February is the busiest month (The skills you have learned, in the previous months, will benefit you most during this time)
  • March and April will be quieter
  • Properties close down and clean-up will take place over the final week

Job Description

You'll deliver excellent customer service, that complies with our standards

Throughout the season, you will host in different properties in the same resort

You will coordinate with our manager, who will be in charge of scheduling your tasks and obligations

You will need to be flexible

Throughout the season, you will fill in for other team members' days off in different properties or departments

Throughout the ski season, you will work in various departments and undertake different tasks, such as:

  • Small maintenance tasks in our properties

  • Cleaning our other properties

  • Any other reasonable duties, which your manager deems necessary

What We Expect From You

  • You work diligently and consistently

  • You are happy to learn and sharp

  • You are organized and adaptable

  • You are lively and chatty

  • You are driven to provide visitors with an amazing stay

  • You work well in a team

What You Can Expect From Us

Heyday Operating Principles

  • We take our work seriously and are committed to upholding our high standards

  • Ensuring a good experience for our guests, aiding in our continued 5-star ratings

  • Ensuring that everyone on the team works in a fair, courteous, and inspiring environment

  • For all team members, creating memorable work and life experiences

  • Working in an atmosphere that is eco-friendly

  • Respecting company and personal belongings

Salary And Package

  • Monthly net pay of 800.00€ plus a worked-in end-of-season bonus of 90.00€ (This bonus will be paid at the end of a fully completed season)

  • After meeting with the directors, a performance bonus (up to €160 per month) is awarded during the season depending on your competencies, and also on how well you have improved your work

  • Contracts negotiated within the French system may include French social benefits (health, pension, training funds, etc.).

  • At the start of the season, a rota will be supplied; if anything changes, you'll be informed at the team meeting or by your manager.

  • Two days off each week (1 as a full day and 1 other given either as 2 evenings, another full day or postponed on certain week)

  • Two days of holidays per month, given either through the season as an extra day off or paid

  • At the end of the season, you will receive 50.00€ net on your last salary for each day off or holiday that was not taken.

  • It is your manager's duty to handle the rota. They might make an effort to take into account your preferred days off, but nothing is assured

Other Advantages Included In The Package

  • Suitable shared (single) or private room (couple)

  • Breakfast is provided each day

  • For every working day a cooked dinner is provided (5 days per week)

  • Transport to resort at the beginning of the season. And, transport back at the end of the season from Geneva airport or local train station

  • Parking space for one car (if requested)

  • Liftpass for Portes du Soleil ski area

  • Ski equipment on request (Skis or Snowboard)

  • Participating in our review bonus program throughout season to win rewards with the team

Selection Criteria

  • You exude joy, friendliness, a smile, and talkativeness

  • You aspire to offer outstanding customer service; prior experience in the hospitality industry would an advantage

  • You are at least competent in serving food and cleanliness

  • Cleaning is not something you view as a duty; instead, you take joy in it and are inspired to do it

  • French language proficiency would be an advantage

  • You have the capacity to operate both independently and in a team as needed

Applying for a work visa in France:

You must ensure that you are qualified to work in France under a French contract in order to work with us. Citizens of the majority of European nations often do not require visas; however, if you are a citizen of a country outside the European Union, you will need to obtain the necessary authorizations before beginning employment with us.

Since the UK left the EU, citizens of the UK now need a visa to work in France. Please find our (hopefully) straightforward description of the procedures you must follow when requesting a visa to work in France as a non-EU citizen below.

  • UK Citizens

    You need two distinct permits in order to work in France. To be allowed to live in France, you'll first need a work permit, which our employer must apply for. After that, you'll need a long-stay visa, which you must apply for on your own. We will do all in our power to assist you along the process, but we can't take care of everything.

    Step 1:

    You'll sign our work agreement once your application for employment with us has been successful.

    Step 2:

    After that, we'll apply for your work permit.

    Step 3:

    Once we have the work permit you can apply for your visa by:

    • Completing the France-Visas Form
    • Creating your TLS Contact Account
    • Securing an appointment
    • Going to the appointment
    • Delivering your passport

    You can find extra in-depth details here, and here.

    Step 4:

    You can send us a copy of your visa approval once it has been granted. You are now completely set to work in France with us!

    Step 5:

    We will schedule an appointment on your behalf at the local French immigration office once you are here with us in Morzine.

    Step 6:

    We can assist you in getting to the immigration office once the appointment has been scheduled. They will provide you with your temporary visa documentation during this initial appointment.

    Step 7:

    After that, you'll need to attend a second visit at the immigration office to get your "titre de séjour," which is a permanent visa. This will specify the precise dates you may reside in France (a visa can be up to five years)

    When requesting a visa, there are expenses. Visa fees can be found here. When you pick up your permanent titre de séjour, you will also need to pay a local tax.

  • Non-EU and non-UK Citizens

    You can be eligible for the working-holiday program depending on your age and nationality. With the help of this program, you are given the option to travel to France for up to a year and have the freedom to work while there.

    Your nation or territory must have a signed agreement with France in order to be eligible to apply for a working-holiday visa. 15 nations or territories are currently a part of the program, and they are listed here.

    You must abide by the agreement's terms and conditions with regard to the length of your stay and the expected financial resources it calls for. For instance, applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 30 as of the date on which their request is submitted (i.e., up until the day before their 31st birthday), with the exception of Argentina, Australia, and Canada, where the maximum age is 35. (up to the date of 36th birthday).

    Citizens of Australia, Canada, and Colombia may submit their visa applications to any visa center of their choosing. Citizens of other nations or territories must submit their applications to the visa center in the nation or territory where they were born. To see whether you qualify and to begin the application process. please see here.

How to Apply

Once you've picked your role then we'd love to hear from you. There'll be plenty of opportunities for questions along the way, but please don't hesitate to get in touch if there's anything you'd like to ask before starting the recruitment processes. Once you've decided it's time to apply, our recruitment process is as follows.

Recruitment Timescale:

Step 1: Application Form

To begin, please complete the online application form here. If you are applying as a couple or a pair, please submit a separate application form for each applicant.

Step 2: Video Introduction

The next step is a few questions that we'll send over by email. If you could make a little video introducing yourself and answering these questions, then send that back to us.

Step 3: Zoom Interview

If we think we might be the right chalet company for you, we will invite you to have a video chat with Plunkett.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to chat before deciding whether one of our positions is right for you.

For other roles within Heyday Chalet, please see our jobs page.

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