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Our Bucketlist of Coliving Destinations

Which Co-Living destination should I go to next?

That's a question we get asked a lot. Indeed, variety is definitely the spice of the digital nomad and co living life, and we are blessed in Europe with a huge variety of amazing co-living destinations to go explore. Over the years we've built up our own bucket list of incredible spaces to visit.

This is our pick of the bunch - our favourite coliving locations. Some we've already been to, some are on the list for future travels. We know all the founders of these great spaces, the coliving community is small and friendly one and we can vouch for what great people they are. So without further ado, here's our list of coliving locations every Digital Nomad should have on their bucket list.

Swiss Escape, Switzerland

One of the original mountain coliving locations, Swiss escape is a magical location year-round. Skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer, and always an inspiring place to work. Located in the Swiss mountain resort of Grimentz and Run by Haz and Fanny, they've carved out a great name in the coliving world.

What to expect at Swiss Escape

It's on the list, but not had the pleasure of visiting, as yet. We know Haz and Fanny well, they are a lovely couple and really know exactly what works for a perfect coliving experience. I feel a ski trip to Switzerland coming on...

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    Mountain Location
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Swiss Escape - Coliving in the Swiss Mountain resort of Grimentz
If inspiring backdrops are your thing, then Swiss Escape might not be a bad choice...

Cloud Citadel, France

Based in the alpine village of Briançon in the French Alps, Cloud Citadel nestles wonderfully in this charming village. It boasts a great community feel, and has a great range of adventure pastimes on its doorstep. Biking, hiking, skiing, climbing, paragliding (personal favourite there) and more, there's no shortage of ways to fill your non-work days.

What to expect at Cloud Citadel

This was the first mountain coliving location we stayed at ourselves, back in 2020. I cannot say too many great things about the experience we had. Jelena and Joé are the most lovely couple and really go out of their way to introduce you to the community and get you settled in. We found it perfect for a work base too - facilities were spot on for digital nomad life. We'll be back.

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    Mountain Location
  • +33 7 66 08 13 82 / +33 7 68 55 69 37
  • /
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Cloud Citadel Coliving boasts a pretty amazing mountain location for Digital Nomads
Cloud Citadel boasts a pretty amazing mountain location for Digital Nomad Life

Nomad's House, Belgium

A city-based high-end coliving, if you are after a long-term city experience then this one could be for you. One of the great things about coliving life is the variety - we offer a mountain, adventure sports life here at Heyday, and we get asked about where we'd recommend for the city centre experience. Nomads House Coliving in Brussels is always one for those looking for high-end and long-term city centre coliving.

What to expect at Nomad's House

We've alas not stayed here, though we know the owners well and chat to them regularly. We are all part of the same coliving owners' community, and rate them and what they do highly. Nomads House is set up for long-term city coliving, with a minimum stay of 6 months.

  • Nomad's House Details
    City Centre Location
  • +32 492 457 940
  • Website
Nomads House offer a high-end city centre coliving experience in Brussels, Belgium
Nomad's House offer a high-end city centre coliving experience

Anceu Co-living, Spain

Located in the stunning countryside of Galicia in Northern Spain, Anceu aptly describe themselves as rural coliving. Variety is the spice of Digital Nomad life, and Anceu provides a wonderful change from city coliving and mountain coliving bases like our own. For those who ask us about getting away to true peace and quiet, out to the countryside to relax and slow down, then Anceu is the one that always springs to mind first.

What to expect at Anceu

Agustín, a native Galician and software engineer by trade, is one of our friends in the Coliving founder's community. He's been very kind in sharing his knowledge and experience in helping us make Heyday Chalet everything it is today. His story of bringing people back to the de-populating areas of rural Spain is a particularly inspiring one. A visit in person is long overdue.

  • Anceu Co-living Details
    Rural Location
  • +34 626 943 874
  • Website
Anceu Co Living in rural Galicia, in Northern Spain
If rural escape is the perfect coliving experience for you, then Anceu should be on your list

Mokrin House, Serbia

Mokrin House is a unique experience in the world of coliving. Rural location, with modern urban buildings, is but one of the wonderful contradictions you'll find here.

It also boasts an on-site chef preparing 3 meals per day, which is quite an unusual luxury in coliving destinations. It really crosses that space between coliving and a location for business teams to go very well. If you want to bring your start-up team along, this is one to consider.

What to expect at Mokrin House

When people want to go somewhere both cutting edge and completely different, we suggest Mokrin House. It's unique in so many ways, and the founders really are at the forefront of coliving and digital nomad movement. They are core members of the coliving founders' community, which is how we discovered Mokrin House.

  • Mokrin House Details
    Rural Village Location
  • +381 69 623 678
  • Website
Mokrin House in Serbia is like something out of a tech startup magazine
Mokrin House in Serbia is like something out of a tech startup magazine

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